What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880. Often ill as a child, Pilates ventured into exercise to increase his health dabbling in gymnastics, circus arts, dance, boxing and many other forms of exercise. His large movement experience led him to develop a fitness programme while interned in World War 1 and as a result Pilates has now grown into one of the most respected rehabilitation methods in the world today.

The Pilates method in a nutshell is smart exercise. It's smart because it is safe. Pilates exercises are reminiscent of Yoga and Tai Chi movements and has the approach of control first, movement second. Many exercise injuries come as a result of overworking some muscles and under working others. Pilates movement teaches you to use the right muscles for the right movement ... it's smart!

Pilates is either performed on specifically designed machines, or in a mat-based programme. Elevate Pilates teaches mat Pilates, using small props and teaching aids to provide safe modifications, and to increase the variety of exercises offered.

The Pilates approach to exercise recognises that the health of your spine directly and indirectly influences the health and function of your entire body. Through controlled breathing and muscle activation, Pilates promotes safe spinal movement.

When the spine is in alignment and moving as it was designed, the body has an incredible capacity to produce the power and function you need for your life whether it be reducing joint pain, improving your golf swing or safely exercising during pregnancy. By improving your posture Pilates may even make you a little taller!

Elevate Pilates brings the Pilates method to you in a fun and interactive format where you will gain the benefits of Pilates movement in an enjoyable atmosphere.

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Elevate Pilates ~ What is Pilates?